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We are a Kenyan Registered & based media consultancy and media systems integration company
Providing solutions in the areas of broadcast studio project set up, equipment supply and commissioning and technical staff training.

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creative thinking is how media companies stay in the lead: we have  worked with multiple partners and broadcast organisations in the region to raise journalistic, technical, creative and production standards. 
how to make brilliant and compelling programmes that keep the audience coming back for more? we will show your teams how as we also to tackle difficult and sensitive issues that require cultural sensitivity to execute.

we believe your audiences should play a major role in determining subject matter, hence our researchers scour the market and audiences for answers the target audience needs and we help your team deliver only relevant content.

we work with your team and show them how to deal with people at the highest levels of politics, business, sports and entertainment. our producers craft documentaries and features involving personalities from all fields. 

many organisations lack experience of how to interact with the media, how to get their message across, how to deal with a changing and demanding body public.

we guide your teams through this maze as we explain how the various media outlets work; the kind of content to put out to the public and the kind of personality that will endear the public to your organisation.

using good leadership, the right technology and training we work with media teams with the aim of  delivering the right content to the right platform and in creating teams that are flexible, collaborative and competitive in the market.