What We Do | Riggers & Twisters

We have huge experience in technical, marketing & management leadership in the media industry….over 30 years total of media experience and over 15 years of management involvement to be precise. we take investment resources at your disposal and work with your team to realize results, be it a new station, creating an enabling working environment for your organisation or modernising your output and systems.

We are experienced trainers, having designed courses to maximize media resource use for broadcast organisations. our objective is to unlock, consolidate and realise your potential, then enable you to improve your output within your team and to your target audience.

Trust us with your projects – creating a new station, optimizing a radio or television schedule with rating or sales in mind, training team members in various areas or developing on air talent.

we can work with you to create new content, advise you on the use of more flexible and efficient technical equipment, improve existing products and workflow, excite competitiveness or devise multimedia content to increase your audience engagement. we can also advise on media relations.

R & T works with your organisation to identify & embrace changes dictated by your specific target audience. whatever those changes are - be they technical, programming or organisational, we will provide you with a custom made implementation and training plan. 

Trust us to assist your veteran broadcast team revitalise and modernise the on air product, management and technical structures, trust us if you are a market entrant wishing establish a sustainable market share in a competitive industry.

Our trainers and researchers can conduct programmes over any length of time in support of long term, large budget, high profile revamp or launch projects.


Skills and technology transfer are at the heart of what we do. our experience, acquired over many years of working in the media and with partners in both the commercial and public sectors is key to what we have to offer our clients.